Theatre Undergraduate Program

Don't Just Play a Part, Take the Lead

The BA/BS Theatre Program offers training designed to prepare the next generation of artistic, professional, and entrepreneurial leaders in theatre

The BA/BS Theatre Program at Missouri State University is a forward-thinking approach to theatre leadership and creativity designed to train students to push their individual and artistic capabilities in theatrical endeavors. Students in the BA/BS Theatre Program develop the skills necessary to find success in roles on stage, in design, behind the scenes, in the front office, and on the pages of scripts and academic journals. Regardless of your area of interest in theatre—maybe it’s many areas—you will receive professional guidance and significant opportunities to research, explore, produce, and design your own creative approach to making effective theatre.

Start your theatre career in BA/BS Theatre Program

In order to be admitted to the BA and BS degrees, you must write an essay (400-700 words) that explains, in your own words, (1) what and/or who you believe to be a role model creative leader; and (2), how you hope to make an impact as a leader in theatre. These programs are for students interested in the cutting edge of innovation, change, and new thinking in the theatre world, with the flexibility to develop skills that will serve you in advanced study in the professional theatre world or in a variety of careers. You will complete courses in theatre reading and writing, acting and directing, theatre history, design and technology, theory and experimental forms.