Senior Showcase

The BA/BS Theatre Program’s Senior Projects represent the culmination of each student’s education and trajectory as a burgeoning theatre artist and scholar. Each project is an individual effort in theatrical expression that is unique to the student’s journey through their education in theatre. Furthermore, each project also takes into account how their work in theatre intersects with their minor and/or other majors. The BA/BS Theatre Program celebrates the creativity and effort of each student—in spite of the limiting circumstances created by COVID-19. These students and their projects exemplify the mission of the BA/BS Theatre Program in training the next generation of theatre creators, artists, and leaders.

Please review the following senior projects.



Bailey Doran

Emily Harper


Molly Beshore

Jacob Curless

Alex Diehl

DeLaney Henley

Nicholas Kinder

Hailey Panek

Megan Schillereff

Hope Thomas


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