Admission Requirements

Admission process

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dance does not require an audition, but the faculty place each student at the appropriate level of technique. Students must take a placement class (or the BFA audition class) before enrolling in any technique classes. Students must also upload an essay, headshot and résumé through Acceptd.

Other dates and locations

You can also talk to us at these events. (You must apply with the sponsoring organization.)

November 9:
Dance auditions at Big Muddy (St. Louis)

February 26 - March 1:
National High School Dance Festival (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dance (Non-Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Admission Requirements

In addition to the University’s admission requirements, students are required to take a placement class and have an interview with the Dance faculty prior to the first semester of coursework in the major. On-campus auditions and interviews for a place in the program takes place each year, during the fall and spring semesters. Specific information as to the date and the process is available through the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Major requirements (50 hours)

  1. Dance Techniques (21 hours):
    1. Contemporary (3 hours): DAN 216(3), 316(3), 416(3).
    2. Tap (3 hours): DAN 225(3), 325(3), 425(3).
    3. Ballet (3 hours): DAN 230(3), 330(3), 430(3).
    4. Jazz (3 hours): DAN 245(3), 345(3), 445(3).
    5. Technique electives (9 hours): Nine additional hours from contemporary, tap, ballet, and/or jazz categories.
  2. Partnered Techniques (3 hours): DAN 319(3) or 348(3).
  3. Composition/Choreography (11 hours):
    1. Improvisation: DAN 220(2).
    2. Music Resources for Dancers: DAN 372(2).
    3. Choreographic Tools: DAN 420(3).
    4. Dance Practicum: DAN 520(3).
  4. Dance Theory (12 hours):
    1. Research Methods: DAN 350(3).
    2. Applied Kinesiology for the Dancer: DAN 364(3).
    3. Dance History: DAN 552(3).
    4. Dance Pedagogy: DAN 565(3).
  5. Professional Development (3 hours): DAN 240(1), 482(2).
  6. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of DAN 565.
  7. Minor required (or second major).

University level requirements:

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements