Alumni and Friends

Continue the connection

We value our alumni! We want to hear about your personal and professional accomplishments because your success is our success. Also, alumni are a great resource for performance and job opportunities. Our alumni often host workshops and speak to students in the department. Please update your Missouri State University profile with your personal and professional achievements, so we can celebrate with you.

Where are they now?

The Missouri State Theatre and Dance Pinterest Page is a great resource where you can locate articles, profiles and historical information about our alumni. The department likes to see what successful alums are doing and enjoy connecting alums with current students in the department. Please feel free to recommend a page for us to pin!

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Stay connected to your performance roots

Showcases are held in Los Angeles and New York each year. These events are great opportunities for you to network, establish new relationships and reconnect with old friends. In many of our showcases, alumni and the students perform together for talent agents and casting directors. Showcases will provide you with the opportunity to meet and share your expertise with current students in the department.

Giving to theatre and dance

Alumni donors can demonstrate their desire to continue improving the quality of education in the theatre and dance program at Missouri State by giving a private contribution. Your gift – no matter its size – supports theatre and dance programs, funds scholarships, improves facilities and provides for faculty development and research.