What if I want to audition/interview for more than one BFA program?

Please submit your audition application through Acceptd. Please include the required supporting materials for each BFA program for which you will be auditioning/interviewing. You will be placed in an appropriate group that will allow you to audition/interview for all of the programs in which you applied. Please read the audition/interview procedures for all the BFA programs for which you intend to apply and prepare accordingly.

What if I cannot attend any of the scheduled audition/interview dates?

Candidates are strongly encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to attend one of the scheduled dates. In most cases, there are no alternative audition/interview days available. We are, however, able to accommodate exceptional circumstances. Please contact the coordinator of the BFA program(s) you are considering to discuss further.

What scholarships are available?

Missouri State Theatre & Dance scholarship information is available online. For additional information about all scholarships and financial aid, please visit Missouri State's Office of Financial Aid.

What if I want to interview for the BFA Design, Technology and Stage Management program but I don't have a portfolio?

We understand that at this point in your artistic career you may not have extensive experience in the field of Theatre Design, Technology and Stage Management. We are not only interested in what you have already worked on but in your potential to create work in the field given additional training and experience.

What if I want to audition for the BFA Dance or Musical Theatre programs but I don't have experience in one of the dance genres included in these programs?

We understand that at this point in your artistic career you may not have extensive experience in all genres of Dance. We are not only interested in your current skills but in your potential to excel in the field of dance given additional training and experience.

Can I double major?

In theory, yes, of course you can. In reality, it is very, very difficult. The course work for any BFA program is extensive and specific. The rigors of the academic work and extracurricular work make a double major challenging. Most BFA programs discourage a double major, but a few determined, exceptional students have navigated this difficult challenge. Please talk to a BFA program coordinator to discuss the challenges faced in negotiating a double major.

If I am accepted to a BFA program, am I automatically accepted to Missouri State University?

NO. Please be sure you apply to Missouri State University IN ADDITION to submitting a BFA program audition application through Acceptd. You must be accepted to Missouri State University in order to be accepted to any Missouri State University BFA program.

I have so many questions that I don't know where to even begin.

Please contact a BFA program coordinator or the Theatre & Dance department head. We are happy to answer any additional questions.