Dance Audition Information

2022-23 virtual audition dates 

Register to audition with us at any on any of these dates by uploading your headshot and résumé through Acceptd.

NEW: Auditions for the BS Dance Program will be ongoing and setup by appointment once you have submitted an application through acceptd. 

Other virtual recruitment locations and dates

We will have a presence at these other events. (You must apply with the sponsoring organization.)

  • CAPW: August 3-7 
  • STAM: September 22-24 
  • TXeta: September 21-24 
  • PA UNIFIEDS: October 8-10 
  • CAP: November 10-13 
  • IA Thes: November 11-12 
  • TX Thes: November 12-19 
  • Moonfields: November 17-20 
  • MO Thes: January 4-7 
  • KS Thes: January 5-7 
  • Chicago Unifies: February 6-9 
  • AR Thes: February 9-11  
  • IL High School Theatre Festival: January 12-14 

Video submission requirements

For applicants submitting an online video audition, please upload your video through Acceptd when completing your application.  Please upload a video of 2-3 minutes of a solo in your choice of style. Be sure to state your name at the beginning of your video(s).  

o    Note: If tap is your preferred style, include tap as well as an additional style within your 2-3 minutes (no submissions should be tap only)

For more information about the BS dance program audition process, contact the program coordinator.