External Auditions

Performing off-campus

There are several local, regional and national auditions available for Missouri State University students. Some audition opportunities take place at conferences that also include workshops and training for students. This information is updated regularly in order to provide you with additional audition opportunities that will benefit your professional career.

Institute of Outdoor Drama Auditions

Institute of Outdoor Drama Auditions holds auditions for all interested in auditioning for unified professional acting and dance roles. In addition, interviews for students interested in design and technology will also be held. The Institute of Outdoor Drama also hosts workshops, training and advisory programs.

Date/Season: March
Deadline: February

Midwest Theatre Association

Midwest Theatre Association (MWTA) (St. Louis, MO) holds unified auditions for graduate programs, internships, summer stock companies and year-round theatre productions in the Midwest. Auditions take place at Webster University and are open to those in or interested in pursuing the profession of theatre, dance, and stage technology and design.

Date/season: February
Deadline: November

Unified Professional Theatre Association

Unified Professional Theatre Association (UPTA) auditions grant you access to quality, paying theatres, as well as offering theatres access to quality talent. UPTA offers unified professional theatre and dance auditions, as well as, workshop and training opportunities.

Date/season: February
Deadline: December

University Resident Theatre Association

University Resident Theatre Association (URTA) is the nation’s oldest and largest consortium of professional, graduate Master of Fine Arts (MFA) theatre training programs and partnered professional theatre companies. URTA assists students with their transition from student to the profession. URTA provides unified auditions and the opportunity to interview for MFA programs.

Date/season: January
Director/SM deadline: October
Actor/designer deadline: November

SETC Pre-Professional Regional Auditions (Region V) at Tennessee Theatre Association

SETC Pre-Professional Regional Auditions (Region V) at Tennessee Theatre Association provides members with workshops, programs and seminars and with the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from each other, as well as from invited theatre professionals from other states. SETC regional conference also provides unified theatre and dance audition opportunities. You must attend this conference if you plan to attend Southeastern Theatre Association Conference

Date/season: October

Southeastern Theatre Association

Southeastern Theatre Association (SETC) is a dynamic membership organization, serving a diverse constituency and reaching out across ten states in the southeast region of the United States and beyond. The SETC holds a conference each year which is open to all actors, professional company representatives, design and technical professionals, theatre educators, students from high schools and universities, commercial exhibitors, university representatives, and community theatre producers and participants. At the conference, unified auditions for professional theatre and dance work, design interviews and graduate programs will take place; workshop and training opportunities are also available at the conference. Non-professional auditionees must first pass regional screening at the SETC pre-professional regional auditions (Region V) at the Tennessee Theatre Association.

Date/season: March
Deadline: January