Theatre and dance

Speech and Theatre Education Undergraduate Program (BSED)


WHY study speech and theatre education at Missouri State?

  • Our speech and theatre education program blends courses from three different departments to provide you with up-to-date skills in education, debate, public speaking and theatre.
  • You will gain technical training through course work, departmental productions and touring groups, which promote education in the community.
  • Our program develops skills necessary for success as a teacher, including how to organize and run speech and debate tournaments, school productions and community theatre education programs.
  • The program is the largest in the state and is accredited by both educational and theatrical agencies.
  • Through practicum and student teaching, you will gain practical teaching experience while learning to develop curriculum and work with other teachers.

Sharing your passion for theatre

The theatre emphasis within the speech and theatre education program fine tunes your skills by focusing on:

Speech and Theatre Education Undergrad Program

  • Costume design and construction
  • Directing
  • Lighting design
  • Stagecraft
  • Theatre history
  • Theatre education

Successful completion of the speech and theatre education qualifies you to pursue teacher certification for grades 9-12.