Theatre and dance


Performance Groups and Touring

Reaching the community through theatre and dance

As a student in the department you will have the opportunity to reach out to the community through performance by joining a performance or touring group. You will help create performance works while meeting and developing relationships with other students and community members. All performance and touring groups in the department explore issues in the community, provide entertainment and offer education through theatre, dance and improvisation.

For more information on how to have a group preform at your next event contact the Department of Theatre and Dance.



Inspire change through theatre

BareStage's performances explore solutions to problems currently facing Missouri State and the larger southwest Missouri communities. Performers of all ages and backgrounds who are invested in the place they live and interested in using theatre as a force for communication and change are welcome to participate. BareStage uses interactive improvisation, as well as interviews with a diverse sampling of experts and ordinary people, to generate theatre that asks hard questions and investigates possible answers. For more information, contact Telory Davies.

The group has explored issues including domestic violence, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual harassment. BareStage performs both on- and off-campus.

Inertia Dance Company

Inertia Dance Company

Enhance learning through movement

Inertia Dance Company promotes cultural literacy through performances and workshops, and provides service learning opportunities for Missouri State students. The company develops public service initiatives for public schools that enhance learning through movement. These initiatives include dance technique and creative movement workshops for high school students. Inertia also offers workshops for high school teachers that explore how dance can enrich and support current curriculum.

The mission of Inertia Dance Company is to increase awareness about dance by presenting live dance performances in high schools and the regional community, to introduce high school students to various forms of dance and creative movement, and to bring an awareness of the learning potential inherent in dance and movement to the public school community. Prior to the performance, the members of Inertia Dance Company engage in a variety of dance technique and creative movement activities with the students. During the performance there are several moments where the students actually become part of the development of the performance. For more information, contact Darryl Clark.

In-School Players

In-School Players

Providing lessons through performance

The In-School Players are a small cast of Missouri State students who travel to local elementary schools and the Springfield public libraries to bring live theatre performances to children. The cast consists of nine members who present a performance consisting of stories, poems and music. It is estimated that In-School Players has entertained over 500,000 children since it was formed. For more information, contact Michael Frizell.

Giving Voice 


Giving Voice Theatre Troupe

The MSU Giving Voice Project was created to meet the vital needs of a continuing and growing presence of oppressed, marginalized persons. This is done through scenarios that shed light on discrimination. Giving Voice programs address issues, which are often unknown or ignored, resulting in an oppressive and discriminatory environment. The Giving Voice experience provides an awakening and a safe environment to not only have the needed difficult dialogues, but to actually try various ideas to improve a situation. For more information, contact Carol Maples.

There is a special website for this organization  Please consider visiting!