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Perfecting your skills through involvement

The department of theatre and dance provides numerous opportunities for you to participate in productions, receive additional training and make a difference in the community. All opportunities offered by the department are designed to help you perfect and develop your skills in theatre, dance, or design, technology and stage management.


There are several conferences each year that provide additional training in theatre, dance, and design, technology and stage management. Conferences often provide opportunities for you to audition and interview for productions.

External auditions

Auditions and interviews for external productions are held all over the United States. You may also land roles in community and regional theatres around the southwest Missouri area.

One-act productions

Theatre and dance students produce several one-act productions throughout the semester. Participating in these productions can enhance your skills and prepare you for larger production auditions and interviews.

Performance and touring groups

Student performances and touring groups provide outreach and entertainment in the community through theatre and dance. These groups examine bigger issues affecting the community, entertain and educate throughout the southwest Missouri region.


The department holds six main stage productions each year. Production auditions are open to any Missouri State student. All theatre and dance students are encouraged to audition for productions.


Annual showcases in New York and Los Angeles are an opportunity for you to show off your talent. In a showcase, you will perform for industry professionals as well as alums of the department. Additional networking opportunities are also available at each showcase.

University Theatre and Dance (UTD)

UTD is a student organization made up of all majors and minors in the theatre and dance department. This student organization has regular meetings and is dedicated to serving the community through the arts and promoting the public affairs mission of the University.

Tent Theatre

Tent Theatre is the only company in the area that houses an Equity Membership Candidate Program. As a student, you will have the opportunity to build equity candidacy points. You will work with performers who have been recruited throughout the nation to participate in this professional experience.

Training Programs

Every other year the department works to sponsor a group trip to Toronto for participation in training and certification testing with Fight Director’s Canada. Certification in stage combat can open up numerous opportunities and make you more notable to casting directors and agencies for future productions.