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Current Season (2014-15)

Missouri State University Theatre & Dance weaves a Theatrical Tapestry!

Comedy and tragedy are the warp and weft from which the fabric of life is woven. The multi-hued threads of thought, feeling, action and imagination are expressed and evoked by the performance arts at Missouri State. From classic plays to contemporary musicals, compelling docudramas to exuberant neo-vaudeville, the six productions of our 2014-2015 Season weave a rich tapestry of the human experience. Enjoy!


Music, Lyrics & Book by Elizabeth Swados
Directed by Kurt Gerard Heinlein
7:30 PM February 12-14
2:30 PM February 15
Craig Hall Coger Theatre
$18 Adults; $16 Students/Seniors; $12 in advance with MSU ID

Runaways logoDrawn from interviews and workshops with hundreds of teens, Runaways weaves together songs, dances, soliloquies and poems to expose the harsh reality of life on the streets. The world of the runaways is a precarious one, fraught with emotional turbulence and myriad dangers. The characters — who span the spectrum of socio-economic, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds —talk about why they ran away from home, their daily struggles and their hopes for the future. They are at once vulnerable and tough, and their stories are both touching and unsettling.

The setting is New York City in the late 1970s, yet the situations and experiences portrayed are all too familiar for many children and youth in Springfield, and around the world, today.  Composed in the ensemble style of Hair and A Chorus Line (which were also produced by Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater), this musical combines childhood chants and nursery rhymes with the rhythms of rock, pop, reggae, rap, salsa, samba, country and blues.  Underlying all is the longing for a true home and family.










Written by Molière
Directed by Sara Brummel
7:30 PM March 26-28
2:30 PM March 29
Craig Hall Coger Theatre
$14 Adults; $12 Students/Seniors; $8 in advance with MSU ID

Sponsored by KTXR and Missouri State Dining Services presented by Chartwells.

Tartuffe logoThe gullible Orgon and his mother, Madame Pernelle, have fallen under the influence of Tartuffe, a charlatan whose false piety and ulterior motives are obvious to the rest of Orgon’s family and friends.  So blinded is Orgon by misplaced admiration of his duplicitous houseguest, that he announces his daughter Mariane will marry Tartuffe, although she is already engaged to Valère. Alarmed by the degree to which Tartuffe has insinuated himself into the household, the family devises a plot to entrap Tartuffe into confessing his desire for Elmire, Orgon’s wife. The plan backfires, and Orgon responds by banishing his son from the house and signing over all his worldly possessions to Tartuffe!

A humorous comedy of bourgeois values and religious hypocrisy, Tartuffe was banned by King Louis XIV soon after its premiere in 1664. The Archbishop of Paris issued an edict threatening excommunication for anyone who watched, performed in or read the play. Molière defended his work, noting that the juxtaposition of opposites — good and bad, right and wrong, wisdom and folly, truth and falsehood, the rational and the unreasonable — is at the heart of comedy.  Fortunately for generations of happy theatre-goers, the controversy surrounding the play eventually lifted, and Molière’s insightful work has endured as one of classical theatre’s most popular comedies.







Strutting & Fretting: a neo vaudeville

Choreographed by MSU Faculty
Coordinated by Ruth Barnes
7:30 PM April 30 - May 2
2:30 PM May 3
Craig Hall Coger Theatre
$14 Adults; $12 Students/Seniors; $8 in advance with MSU ID ?

Spring Dance LogoLife is a carnival — and this year’s Spring Dance Concert celebrates the joy of dance with a neo-vaudeville flair. Venturing beyond choreography, the devised entertainment weaves magic, whimsy, nostalgia and visual spectacle with the grace, athleticism and energy of dance.

The program of new works, conceived by our faculty and performed by our students, is playful and fun, designed to engage the imagination and delight the senses.

So step right up and be amazed by the wonderful diversity of dance!












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