Theatre and dance

Dance Minor


Expanding your career possibilities through movement

Dance minors virtually shape their own program based on their individual interests, as they can choose from a variety of technical and training courses. Anyone can select a minor in dance and an audition is not required; however, previous experience in dance is recommended.

A minor in dance will further your dance education and prepare you to research and write about dance and the arts. Many of our students select a dance minor in hopes of gaining extra training for becoming teachers of dance or for advancing their performance skills.

The BFA dance track

 If you are interested in pursuing a dance major, we offer a dance track within our BFA program. This comprehensive program provides advanced dance training in modern, ballet, jazz and tap.

Minor program requirements

A minor in dance requires you to complete 18 hours total in dance courses.


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. DAN 180(3)

  2. Nine hours from: DAN 316(3), 416(3), 330(3), 430(3), 345(3), 445(3)

  3. Six hours of electives from: DAN 320(2), 348(2), 364(2), 420(3), 499(1), 552(3), 565(4), 592(1) to bring total hours in minor to 18.