To be or not to be a theatre minor

Whether you have a strong history of performance or you have an interest in theatre, this minor is for you. What makes the theatre minor unique is your ability to select the courses that will fulfill your professional and academic needs.

Courses are offered in theatre history, theory, writing and performance. A theatre minor will prepare you for continuing your education in theatre or for developing your performance skills.

Minor requirements

  1. THE 130(3), 150(2), 151(1).
  2. One course from: THE 541(3), 542(3), 543(3), 545(3), 547(3).
  3. Nine hours of Theatre electives of which three hours must be chosen from courses numbered 300 or higher for a total of 18 hours.

Theatre major

If you are interested in pursuing a theatre major, we offer both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science theatre program.