BFA Three-Year Transfer Plan: Acting

Transfer guides for the BFA acting option assist students transferring to Missouri State to complete their degree. These plans require you to complete specific courses that will count towards the BFA program.

If you do not meet the necessary requirements for a pre-defined three-year transfer plan, you can work with an advisor to create a plan of study based on the courses that you have completed.

Being admitted into the program

Admittance into the BFA program not only requires acceptance into Missouri State but also requires you to audition for acceptance into the acting degree track.

Transfer guides

The following universities have specific plans for students transferring into Missouri State University.

Theatre and Dance Undergrad BFA Three Year Transfer - Acting

The following degree plan is based on the general education program instituted in fall 2014. For the previous general education requirements, please access these Student Transition Resources.

Second semester (spring)

Total hours17
THE 130 Introduction to Script Analysis 3
THE 224 Stage Makeup I 1
THE 150 Introduction to Theatre Technology 2
THE 151 Introduction to Theatre Technology Lab 1
General Eds 10

Third semester (fall)

Total hours18
THE 121 Acting Studio I 3
THE 122 The Tools of the Actor 3
THE 541 Theatre History I 3
THE 250 Stagecraft and Construction I 2
THE 251 Stagecraft and Construction Lab 1
General Ed 6

Fourth semester (spring)

Total hours17
THE 221 Acting Studio II 3
THE 226 Intermediate Voice and Movement 2
THE 260 Costume Construction I
or THE 255 Lighting Design I
THE 261 Costume Construction Lab
or THE 256 Lighting Lab
THE 542 Theatre History II 3
General Ad 6

Fifth semester (fall)

Total hours18
THE 321 Acting Studio III 3
THE 326 Advanced Voice for the Actor 3
THE 430 Directing I 3
THE 228 Singing for the Actor 2
General Ads 7

Sixth semester (spring)

Total hours18
THE 421 Acting Studio IV 3
THE 328 Combat and Violence for Stage and Screen 3
THE 327 Advanced Movement for the Actor 3
Electives 2
General Eds 7

Seventh semester (fall)

Total hours18
THE 511 Structures and Styles Shakespeare 3
THE 545 Contemporary Theatre
or THE 543 Development of Modern Theatre
or THE 547 Development of American Theatre
THE 505 Theatre for Children and Youth
or THE 510 Scripting and Performing
or THE 515 Theatre for Social Change
or THE 530 Directing II
THE 498 (Course no longer offered. Review course number changes.) 0
THE 451 Auditions 2
Electives 2

Eighth semester (spring)

THE 492 Senior BFA Project 1
THE 522 Auditioning and Acting for the Camera 3
THE 424 Dialects 1
Electives 5
General Eds 6

Lab coursses are required to complete THE 260 and THE 255.

This major requires a departmental audition.

Note above that the acting requirements in this degree plan take six semesters to complete, allowing the transfer student (transferring from another institution or internal major change) to complete the BFA Acting track in a three year course of study. However, each transfer situation is unique in the number and types of general education credit hours brought in. This tracking sheet is meant to serve as a guide, and it is likely your general education placement may vary somewhat. Please see your advisor early in your first program year and in each following semester to discuss possible variations of your own degree plan. All statements in this document concerning requirements, prerequisites, conditions or other matters are for information al purposes and are subject to change. Effective academic advisement is a partnership, with advisees sharing in the responsibility. 

Additionally, this Degree Plan does not list options for department intersession and summer courses. It is recommended that transfers students in the three year BFA Acting track consider summer department classes to ease the major course load in the junior and senior years. Intersession and summer session also offer a wide variety of general education options. (Revised March 2014)